Using QR Codes in Cross Media Marketing – DSP034

by kevinadmin on July 1, 2011

QR codes are getting a lot of attention these days. The development and application of QR codes, used in conjunction with mobile communications and smart phones, some say, represents a revolutionary breakthrough in cross-media marketing.

These small two-dimensional “quick response” barcodes are interpreted by the camera function on your smart phone and can then display information directly on the your phone, or take your phone’s browser directly to a personalized web page, online video, and more.

Just now catching on in the United States, QR codes are quite popular in Japan and Europe. The potential to use QR codes to reach new customers is growing, especially as the general marketplace becomes more mobile. That’s what we’ll be discussing on this month’s podcast with Stephen Poe, a document and communications systems expert who will help us make sense of the technology and better understand how to design strategies to leverage the benefits of this cutting-edge cross-media marketing tool.

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