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by kevinadmin on August 2, 2013

When it comes to world-class customer experience, few organizations can rival Disney. Famous for their friendliness, knowledge, passion, and superior customer service, Disney’s employees have been fueling company success for more than 50 years.

How has Disney succeeded in maintaining such a powerful workforce for so many years? Why are so many corporations and executives drawn to study how Disney continues to exemplify a great customer experience?  What can companies and professionals in the document and customer communications industries do to adopt some of Disney’s key success strategies?

That’s what we'll be discussing with guest Doug Lipp, author of the book Disney U — How Disney University develops the worlds most engaged, loyal, and customer centric employees.  Doug was fundamental in the formation of Disney University, and he’ll share stories of his time working alongside Van France, innovative founder of Disney U, as well as steps companies can take to empower and inspire their employees and in turn provide a superior experience for their customers.

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